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Environmental Policy

As a responsible Company we are committed to protecting human health, natural resources and the environment through sound business practices and waste management operations. We will regularly communicate with and support the environmental needs of our neighbours in the communities in which we do business.


The principles of this policy apply on all owned and leased properties and at all contracted operations across Australia.

Continuous Improvement

We will routinely review all of our operations to identify potential impacts and our environmental programs to identify preferred management practices to ensure the company adheres to the principles of continuous improvement and prevention of pollution. We will maintain a training program to ensure that each W J Waste employee has the skills and knowledge to ensure that environmental protection standards are observed and enforced at all times.

Regulatory Compliance

We will work closely with regulatory agencies and industry associations to affect the development of sound environmental protection policies, procedures and legislation. We will as a minimum, assure compliance with our legal requirements and other requirements to which W J Waste subscribes.

Audit & Corrective Action

We will conduct environmental audits of our operations and facilities and respond to any deficiencies we may find. We will take corrective action to ensure we meet the company’s policies and all legislated requirements.

Monitoring & Review

Our board of directors and executive management will regularly monitor the environmental management system to ensure adherence to the principles of this policy across the country. Environmental goals and objectives will be established, reviewed and approved during management review.